According to experts at NewZoo, a third of the world’s population is interested in computer games.Most gamers prefer mobile content, but desktop applications also have large audiences. Many gamers also try to monetize their passion for the games.

Turning a hobby into a profession is not an easy task, especially with many competitors, and that’s why blockchain games are becoming a real mainstream. Although the blockchain games by no means reach the level of the usual games, the blockchain games industry is developing rapidly. Many entrepreneurs and start-ups do not want to miss a chance to lose their way into blockchain game production.

According to DAPP.COM, over 700 games are currently playable or in production on various platforms.

The first game CryptoHeroes was released in 2019 and since then it has become a popular strategy multiplayer game.

In January 2021, the third edition of the popular game CRYPTOHEROES SEASON 3 will start on the COFFE multi-chain platform.

Development of the game has been in progress since March 2020 and COFFE TEAM is confident that the game will be a highlight of the new year 2021.
New design, new heroes, improved graphics and other details make the game more attractive than previous seasons.

the start of season 3 of cryptoheroes — YouTube or telegram-channel :

Currently, the COFFE multi-chain platform is preparing for the release of three newest, original games, and four more amazing games are in development.

The COFFE platform also enables other game developers to try out the obvious advantages of the Multichain platform.

The platform offers the possibility to use different coins btc, eth, eos, bnb and trx in the games.Ready-made solutions for Unity, Unreal Engine and JavaScript are available for developers.

The projectmanagmet CTO COFFE Network Mr. Kantsev Vadim says:

“….Add cryptocurrency to your application with just a few clicks, create a complex smart contract in the usual classic C ++ without having to study Solidity, and work with virtual machines like Ethereum and Tron. On the COFFE platform, there is no need to send thousands of coins to the steak to get the required resources like in EOS…”

Many programmers have already appreciated the advantages of the COFFE Network Multichain and use the possibilities of the platform. Other applications and solutions for game developers will come in the future. and